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Making it easy to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of food

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Anya Doherty

Founder & CEO at Foodsteps

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Founded in 2019, Foodsteps is a technology company that calculates, labels, and reduces the environmental impact of food. The company offers environmental calculations, carbon footprint, and environmental health labels for various food items, making it easy for food producers to measure and reduce their environmental impacts. The food industry is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is a leading driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss. However, food companies lack the data and tools to achieve the pace of change required to solve this problem through informed decisions. To do this, Foodsteps validates 3.5K (and growing) food items with one of the largest food emission datasets in the world based on 50K+ farm-level data points and 40K+ post-farm processes. Foodsteps has large foodservice restaurants as primary customers. Longer term, it plans to expand its catalogue of food and the accuracy of data points and expand internationally.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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