Unreasonable Fellows

Anya Doherty

Founder & CEO at Foodsteps

Anya is an Unreasonable Fellow. Anya was part of Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2023.
Before Anya started Foodsteps, she completed her degree and post-graduate research at the University of Cambridge, where she won prizes in Ecological Sciences and Food Security. Recognising the severe impacts of the food system on the planet, Anya founded Foodsteps in 2019 to enable food businesses to accurately measure and reduce the environmental impacts of their products and supply chains. Foodsteps has since grown to a team of 30 people, received over $5m in venture funding, and counts well-loved companies such as Pizza Express, Gousto, and Sky as early adopters. Outside of Foodsteps, Anya is a trustee and advisor at two charities; Youngwilders, a charity she co-founded with university friends, connects young people with ecological restoration projects in the UK, while the charity Haller works with smallholder farmers in Kenya to improve sustainable agriculture practices.