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Providing a wide range of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions that enable customers to lower their utility bills and achieve energy independence.

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David Jankowsky

Founder & President at Francis

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Francis Energy develops, owns, and operates networks of direct current fast chargers, with a core mission of eliminating range anxiety across the U.S. Francis Energy is expanding a contiguous EV charging network across America’s heartland to ensure that the transition to electric vehicles is accessible to all communities, both rural and urban.

Francis successfully built the first statewide direct current fast charging (DCFC) network in Oklahoma, which with fast charging stations placed every 50 miles throughout the state thereby reducing range anxiety for EV owners. Its robust network of chargers in its hometown of Tulsa, OK, has made the city an attractive location for companies like Amazon to test its next-generation EV delivery fleet.

Francis Energy is currently developing fast-charging EV projects in 24 states and is on track to create statewide EV charging networks across the entire mid-continent region by 2028.

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