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Providing scalable climate change mitigation

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Olya Irzak

Founder & CEO at Frost Methane Labs

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Oakland, California, United States
Founded in 2019, Frost Methane Labs develops methane-flaring projects designed to shrink the impact of methane emissions from manure ponds, shut-down mines, and other natural sources that total 1.5–3.3 gigatons of CO2e annually.

The company uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software to offer low-cost, targeted, large-scale climate change mitigation for medium-sized methane leaks. They deploy their technology at the leak site with minimal environmental impact, neutralizing the leaking methane to generate high-value carbon credits. These credits create financial opportunities and incentives in previously unregulated, unmonitored methane sources.

Frost Methane has received funding from Lower Carbon Capital, L2 Ventures, Climate Capital, and Shared Future Fund.

Notable Achievements

  • Achieved 4-6x cost reduction of the device over existing options (won arpa-e grant).
  • Successful methane abatement ongoing projects from shut down coal mine and permafrost vent.
  • Significant early traction in the agricultural manure space.

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