Unreasonable Fellows

Olya Irzak

Founder & CEO at Frost Methane Labs

Olya is an Unreasonable Fellow. Olya was part of Unreasonable Impact Americas 2023.
Olya is the founder of Frost Methane Labs, a company that destroys continuous and concentrated methane emissions from unregulated sources. Olya is interested in large, under-addressed problems, which led her to methane and its strange—yet cumulatively significant—sources: permafrost methane vents, closed-down coal mines, and agricultural manure ponds.
Before Frost Methane Labs, Olya was a system architect at Zola Electric, building mini-grids in remote communities; a tech lead at Google X, developing early-stage climate projects in geothermal HVAC and long-duration storage; and a software team lead at Google Energy, focusing on smart grid technologies.
Olya is also the architect of the Diamond List and Cleantech Experts and a board member of Terraformation. She is a Mulago fellow, a kitesurfer, and speaks five languages.