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Providing electric, solid-state water meters and smart metering solutions for a more water-efficient future

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Ming Gong

CEO at gFlow+

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Hong Kong
gflow+ believes the faster the world stops relying on mechanical meters and moves towards an electric solid-state future, the better. Founded in 2012, gflow+ builds all electric solid state meters as well as complete smart metering and water quality solutions. It is one of the leaders of both electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow measurement technology in the Greater China area. To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, gFlow+ also manufactures a unique set of smart metering solutions with remote transmitters and solar panels, enabling property managements, businesses, and utilities to manage water consumption, water quality, and energy consumption. By combining a constant stream of data with predictive modeling capabilities, operators can quickly assess events as they occur, identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level, and respond decisively to operational challenges. Armed with these tools, operators become a major force for system improvements, regulatory compliance, and financial planning.

Notable Achievements

  • Distributing to US, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Chile, Columbia, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China.
  • Next gen meter development will have the highest life span in the industry at 10 to 15 years.
  • Have supplied over 5k EM Residential Flow units to the Hong Kong govt, and recently acquired Hong Kong Water Supplies Department and Shanghai water as customers.

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