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Building environmentally sustainable smart shrimp farms with AI plus IoT technologies to solve three major problems of traditional aquaculture

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Alan Yu

Founder & CEO at ID Water

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters Taipei City, Taiwan
At ID Water, we are dedicated to leading the aquaculture industry revolution. With technology innovation, we are building a world-leading smart aquaculture system that integrating water quality monitoring, AI data analysis and IoT automation technologies. We cooperated with some renewable energy companies to build green and smart shrimp farms with symbiosis of fisheries and electricity. The ID Water innovative indoor aquaculture model could significantly increase production yield per area, and decrease wastewater emissions and labor costs. Our sustainable production mode is replacing traditional way of deforesting mangrove areas, reducing carbon footprints and providing safe seafood products. Since it was established in 2017, ID Water has grown into a medium-scale corporation with 40+ employees and a capital size of 7 million USD.

Notable Achievements

  • Achieved Taiwan’s highest density shrimp production at laboratory-scale, verified by the Fisheries Research Institute.
  • Successfully detected early disease onset in specific pools and rapid response resulted in salvaging harvests.
  • Approached by Taiwanese and Japanese conglomerates to fund government green infrastructure projects.

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