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Dan Rooney

Founder & CEO at LandScan

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Davis, California, United States
LandScan provides soil and crop insights, baselining, monitoring, analytics, and decision support for agriculture for the purpose of optimizing irrigation, nutrition, soil health, and regenerative agriculture. The process integrates crop imagery with soil sensor sampling into algorithms that create a digital twin for each field. This enables precision agriculture for farmers that simultaneously optimizes inputs while maximizing yield and reducing the impact on the local soil health and global climate. LandScan’s team is the only group of people who have commercially mapped soil and vegetation across 6 continents over the past 20 years. LandScan customers represent some of the largest and most influential farming companies in California and around the world such as Olam Food Ingredients (OFI), Ingleby Farms, AgriGlobe, Barn Owl Vineyards, and others.

Notable Achievements

  • LandScan has raised just under $5MM in cash from small investors
  • LandScan has several patents issued and over a dozen pending across multiple continents
  • CEO was recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as an "Explorer of Soil"

Currently Operating in One Region

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