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Transforming low value wood waste into high value, carbon negative thermoplastics

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Allison Dring

CEO at Made of Air

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Made of Air (MOA) is a carbon-negative materials company capitalizing on the power of trees, the original carbon capture technology. Trees convert atmospheric CO2 into carbon stored in their trunks, but at the end of a tree’s life, the stored CO2 gets re-released into the atmosphere through decomposition or burning. MOA steps in to ensure that the CO2 stored by these trees is permanently and stably locked in by creating Biochar from wood waste (a negative emissions process). MOA then creates thermoplastic granules that replace polluting materials like fossil plastic and aluminum, intentionally focusing on durable and recoverable applications that have long usage cycles. These thermoplastics can be formed with all traditional thermoforming methods and used for a wide variety of applications. After decades of use, their materials can be returned to the earth safely, either directly or as Biochar.   

Notable Achievements

  • Raised €5m in Seed Funding. Investors include TD Veen, EQT Group and Tuesday Capital.
  • Company's material is being used in a range of applications for Audi, H&M Group and BMW.
  • For every ton of material that MOA makes, roughly 2 tons of CO2 are taken out of the air.

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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