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Producing plant-based leather alternatives using mycelium and agro-waste for the fashion industry

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Adi Reza Nugroho

Co-Founder & CEO at Mycotech Labs

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Mycotech Labs creates sustainable, durable, and affordable bio-materials utilizing agro-waste and mycelium for various applications. Their core, patent-protected product is a mycelium-based leather called Mylea. The material is incredibly customizable and strong, allowing it to be used in a range of applications from shoes and jewelry to building materials. The company is primarily focused on commercial fashion applications and just launched a pilot program with six global brands. Additionally, Mycotech secured $10M of sales agreements until 2024 with a Japanese distributor to make the material for 200,000 shoes. With increasing customer demand across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the company is focused on scaling up its production capacity to deliver on contracts and accelerate economies of scale.

Notable Achievements

  • Received label : B-Corps and Solar Impulse Award
  • Get support from Fashion for Good for having pilot programs with 6 global brands
  • Participated 2 times in Paris Fashion Week collaborate with LVMH prize winning designer, Doublet

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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