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Increasing the availability of healthy, sustainable, and high-quality food options through mushroom fermentation.

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Alan Hahn

Executive Chairman and co-founder at MycoTechnology, Inc.

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters Aurora, Colorado, United States
Established in 2013 and based in Aurora, Colorado, MycoTechnology fuses nature, science, and culinary innovation to deliver value-added ingredients for healthier, better-tasting and more sustainable food. Harnessing the power of fungi with its advanced fermentation technology, Myco targets the industry’s most pervasive challenges to transform the future food.

With $220M raised so far from prominent investors across different sectors, MycoTechnology has created a sustainable, state-of-the-art, 86,000 sq ft facility, producing innovative ingredients via mushroom mycelial fermentation. Its commercial product portfolio includes ClearIQ™ natural flavor and FermentIQ™ plant proteins. These award-winning ingredients are sold to over 200 global clients, including major flavor houses, co-manufacturers, distributors, and CPG companies.

MycoTechnology continues to uncover new solutions from fungi, including its latest discovery, Honey Truffle Sweetener (HTS). After identifying and isolating the protein responsible for the honey truffle’s sweet taste, Myco has produced a clean-tasting, non-nutritive, high-intensity sweetener, with potency ranging from 1000-2500 times sweeter than sucrose, and an expected cost-in-use below that of sugar. Collectively, these products offer new ways to address complex food system challenges around the globe and increase the availability of delicious, nutritious, clean-label foods. Leveraging the company’s powerful technology and the intelligence of nature, Myco pursues ongoing discovery and innovation for the food industry and beyond.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over $200 million to date. Investors include OIA, S2G Ventures, Tyson Ventures, Eighteen94 Capital and Evolution Partners
  • Won first place in the 2020 Radicle Protein Challenge by Syngenta, earning a $1 million prize
  • Created a sustainable, state of the art 86,000 sq ft fermentation facility for ingredient production

Currently Operating in 246 Regions

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