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Novihum Technologies

Using high-value organic matter to transform depleted soil into fertile land.

Novihum Technologies developed a humic material so that farmers can produce more with less. Our main product NOVIHUM increases soil health, nutrient availability and stimulates net soil carbon capture. 

The patented technology behind the product was originally developed at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. We refined it into a scalable and continuous process and brought the product to the market. NOVIHUM was tested in hundreds of commercial trials proving itself as a great tool to build up humus and improve soil health, leading to stronger crops and higher yields.

Novihum Technologies is no longer operating.

Notable Achievements

  • Since launch (2017) we shipped 1,600+ tons of NOVIHUM, reaching hundreds of farmers and improving thousands of hectares in Europe and USA
  • Investors include Munich Venture Partners, Cultivian Sandbox, THI Investments, NRW.Bank, EPC Engineering Group
  • Management team with strong industrial background and track record (BASF, K+S, Bröring, Helena, BOSCH, SIEMENS etc.)

Press Mentions

May 10, 2023

There’s gold in them hills: why money is flowing into nature tech

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