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Developing peat-free inputs and organic hydroponic nutrients to grow sustainably

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Tinia Pina

Founder & CEO at Re-Nuble

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
Re-Nuble is an NYC-based closed-loop agtech company that uniquely converts food waste into fertilizers for indoor growers. The company diverts food waste from entering landfills—thereby avoiding methane emissions—and transforms the feedstock into two products. The ReNu Terra™ product line is a fully home and industrial compostable inert growth medium, and Away We Grow® uses a proprietary method to create water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrients.

The company has designed its products for indoor growers like greenhouses, vertical farms, and more. Priced competitively, Re-Nuble is ultimately replacing synthetic agriculture inputs to reduce growers' carbon footprint and water consumption of growers while increasing crop yields.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over $8 million to date. Investors include SoS Ventures, The 22 Funds, VertueLab, and Social Venture Circle to name a few.
  • Working with over international 100 clients
  • CEO and company has received numerous awards such as ASMIE iShow, Dubai Expo Live, Fuzehub Commercialization, and more

Currently Operating in Three Regions

Press Mentions

July 8, 2024

World Economic Forum Selects Re-Nuble As 2024 Technology Pioneer

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