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Powerful technology to prevent overfishing and illegal fishing practices, preserving the health of the oceans and helping fishermen earn a better living.

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Dave Solomon

Chief Executive Officer at Pelagic Data Systems

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters United States
Illegal fishing practices pull 1,800 pounds of fish out of the sea every second, and 80-90 percent of fisheries are at maximum harvest or above. Pelagic Data Systems helps recover the health of our oceans, improve food security in coastal communities, and measure the impact of climate change around the world. The company builds solar-powered tracking systems and advanced analytics tools designed specifically for fisheries. This technology provides governments and the industry with the information they need to understand the behaviors, legality, sustainability, and efficacy of fishing fleets and coastal communities -- without the complex infrastructure of a satellite-based system. Through Pelagic's data collection, fisheries can document that their fish were legally caught and properly handled. In June of 2018, Pelagic won the National Geographic Society's Marine Protection Prize.

Currently Operating in 31 Regions

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