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Tatseng Chiam

Cofounder & COO at RideTandem

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
RideTandem provides shared transportation services to build next-generation mobility for towns and small cities. The company turns existing taxi, minibus, and coach fleets into smart, shared shuttles and allows individuals to book and pay for their seats through an easy-to-use application, enabling passengers to get to work and school easily. RideTandem operates in places where public transport often isn’t a viable option. It acts as the intermediary between transport suppliers, passengers, and their employers and schools, and provides the digital infrastructure and operations that organizes rides via driver and passenger apps, and a B2B client dashboard. The company provides over 50,000 individual passenger rides per month in the UK today with gross revenue of £4.4M in 2022. Longer term, RideTandem aims to expand into new European geographies and continue this strong growth to reach £105M in gross revenue by 2025.

Notable Achievements

  • Have grown revenue 35x over the last two years to £4.4M gross revenue.
  • Enable more than £3m of wages for our passengers each month.
  • Great investor roster, including Ascension (named the UK's Seed Fund of the Year) and angels like the co-founders of allplants.

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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