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Offering end-to-end cold chain logistics services that are reliable, sustainable, and efficient.

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Su Ah Lee

CEO at s.lab

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
s.lab offers a suite of fixed temperature cold-chain logistics services for food products and pharmaceuticals, reducing the potential waste of valuable resources and making logistics more sustainable. They have three primary services: a sustainable cold-chain packaging solution (called Greenie boxes), an IoT and cloud-based real-time temperature tracking service (called Bound X), and end-to-end supply chain management services. The Greenie box can pack frozen, refrigerated, and low-temperature products together, allowing products with different temperature ranges to be transported together. The box is made of vacuum insulated panels (VIP), which reduces the need for Styrofoam, guarantees the products stay at the same temperature from departure to arrival, and enables the use of electric vehicles for transportation since the boxes do not require energy to stay refrigerated. When paired with Bound X, their fixed temperature chain technology platform, the platform provides valuable real-time temperature tracking of the products, giving customers the ability to validate the temperature stability of the products even though various environmental changes and accidents. Finally, s.lab is actively working with Hyundai Mobility Group, which are also investors in the company, to use their EV trucks to offer end-to-end sustainable logistics solutions for their customers. Currently operating across Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, s.lab is not only creating an environmentally-friendly logistics solution but also enabling local Southeast Asia farmers to safely and effectively distribute their products to overseas markets.

Notable Achievements

  • Closed $15M Series A in December 2021
  • aunched new service offerings, including their cold-chain logistics tech management platform which integrates into customers’ existing APIs
  • Developed a partnership with the Hyundai Mobility Group to utilize their EV trucks for their logistics services

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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