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Using big data, AI/ML, and polygon maps to help farmers, microfinance institutions, and governments unlock meaningful agricultural insights.

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Shu Masuda

COO at Sagri

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Tamba, Hyogo, Japan
Sagri is a smart agriculture data service and platform company that helps promote sustainable agricultural processes and uplift smallholder farmers across the Asia Pacific region. Their deep tech capabilities combine the power of satellite-based big data, AI/ML, and grid-based polygon maps. Their service unlocks opportunities to increase yields, support fertilizer design, and offer remote crop and forest monitoring. Their technology provides insights related to the customer and end-user. It can do everything from allowing farmers to check the chemical composition of soil and change their techniques accordingly, to supporting microfinance operators by calculating the financial potential of agricultural land and helping governments make data-based decisions to determine which projects are most helpful and aligned with farmers' interests. The platform processes weather, market, soil, farmland, and vegetation data, and interprets it into insights related to credit creation for farmers, agricultural advisory for intelligent farming, soil health checks, and carbon-offset analytics. Their data services can easily integrate with existing systems through an API. Their technology platform is protected from competitors with a portfolio of global IP, covering 12 different countries. With the technology fully developed and multiple applications and use cases designed for different customer bases, Sagri is focused on rapid expansion across Japan, Thailand, and India.

Notable Achievements

  • Secured over 50 government customers
  • Received the "Environmental Startup Business Concept Award" from Japan's Ministry of the Environment
  • Obtained patent protection in 12 different countries for their core technology

Currently Operating in 13 Regions

Press Mentions

April 24, 2024

Future Food Asia returns announcing 11 groundbreaking AgriFoodTech startup finalists competing for the USD 100,000 award

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