Unreasonable Fellows

Shu Masuda

COO at Sagri

Shu is an Unreasonable Fellow. Shu has participated in 1 program, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2022.
Shu Masuda is the COO at Sagri.
Prior to this role, was Senior Financial Analyst of the R&D division of Janssen Pharma, Johnson & Johnson group.
Prior to Janssen Pharma, Shu has worked in a wide range of roles from accountant to internal consultant of M&A in ITOCHU, Fortune 500 Japanese trading giant for more than 10 years.
While at ITOCHU, Shu has supported many industry groups as a "mini-CFO" of Healthcare, Industrial machinery, Real estate etc.
(ITOCHU is a holding company of more than 125,000 group employee and invests in various industries.)