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Developing prefabricated modular biodigesters to bring clean energy and sustainable agricultural practices to over 100 million farms.

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Alex Eaton

CEO at Sistema.bio

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Employees 201–500
Headquarters Mexico
Sistema.bio provides access to innovative biodigester technology, training, and financing to address the challenges of poverty, food security, and climate change. Founded in 2010 in Central Mexico, Sistema.bio manufactures and distributes high-quality, affordable biodigesters that enable farmers around the world to convert waste into energy and fertilizer. By providing flexible interest-free repayment plans and comprehensive monitoring services, Sistema.bio works with farmers to ensure they become more sustainable, independent, and productive. The company operates globally with the potential to bring clean energy and sustainable agricultural practices to over 100 million farms. From operational hubs and field offices in Latin America, East Africa and Asia, Sistema.bio’s team engages directly with farmers and also with local farmer networks to promote in local languages with local leaders under local conditions.

Notable Achievements

  • Since Sistema.bio's founding in 2010, nearly 40,000 digesters have been installed.
  • Responsible for mitigating over 310,000 tons of CO2e and treating more than 14 million tons of waste.
  • Each year, Sistema.bio's global network of digesters collectively produce more than 70 million cubic meters of biogas and help to fertilize

Currently Operating in 34 Regions

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December 30, 2020

Sistema Bio: Creating value from waste for Kenyan smallholder farmers

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February 8, 2022

Sistema.bio closes over $15MM in financing to scale climate-smart clean energy technology for farmers : Sistema.bio

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