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Sustainable & Secure Information Disposal (SSID)

Providing sustainable waste management solutions that encourage recycling and reduce waste

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Harold Yip

Executive Director at Secure Information Disposal Services Ltd.(SSID) at Sustainable & Secure Information Disposal (SSID)

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Hong Kong
Sustainable & Secure Information Disposal (SSID) is a waste reduction-focused company that offers a range of solutions to encourage the sustainable management and reuse of waste materials in Hong Kong. There are three primary facets to the business: waste recovery from businesses, consumers, and universities; consulting and education programs for corporates; and developing and selling consumer products that utilize recycled materials. SSID has established over 500 recycling drop-off points for their waste recovery services for consumers and offers waste pick-up services for larger businesses. They position themselves as a one-stop shop for all types of waste, including paper products, aluminum, plastic, and e-waste, and can handle all different qualities of garbage. Once they collect and process the waste, they recycle the raw materials through various pulp mills and exporters. SSID has also established its own pulp mill, called MilMills, where they utilize a portion of the recycled raw materials to create value-added products for consumers, like sustainable packaging, cat litter, and stationary. SSID has also developed digital solutions that measure waste collection data through a cloud-based recycling data platform to complement its waste recovery services. Finally, SSID has a waste consulting service where they partner with large corporates to understand better and develop carbon management solutions.

Notable Achievements

  • Expanded their presence in Hong Kong to collect over 15 MTs of waste daily
  • Established relationships with over 3,500 customers, including large banks, listed companies, and universities
  • Received support and funding from the Singaporean government to expand their operations

Currently Operating in One Region

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