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Building the world's first 3D weaving technology for fashion.

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Walden Lam

Co-founder & CEO at Unspun

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Emeryville, California, United States
Founded in 2017, unspun is a fashion-tech BCorp that creates apparel on demand. The company's proprietary 3D weaving and digital-fit technology make it the fastest (10 minutes), cleanest (>50% emissions reduction), and most cost-competitive way (<$20) to make woven apparel. The technology weaves yarns directly into finished products via 3D weaving and machine learning; this combination allows production to happen in a zero-waste, zero-inventory, and zero-lead-time fashion.

The company has built a micro-factory in Oakland, California, is expanding into Europe, and is partnering with the world's most forward-thinking brands by bringing manufacturing on/near-shoring, drastically shortening supply chains, and reducing waste and overproduction.

Notable Achievements

  • New York Fashion Week launch.
  • Opening of our California micro-factory.
  • Signing an eight-figure offtake commitment.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

Press Mentions

March 14, 2024

Your Next Pair of Walmart Pants Could Be 3D Woven

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