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Veerhouse Voda

Providing environmentally sustainable and disaster resistant buildings to the Caribbean.

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Brendon Brewster

CEO at Veerhouse Voda

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
Veerhouse Voda specializes in the design, marketing, manufacturing, and delivery of sustainable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, disaster-resilient housing and commercial buildings. Its proprietary methods allow construction to be completed five times faster than with traditional methods. Its products are ideal for Caribbean countries like Haiti because of their para-seismic qualities, resistance to hurricanes, water, and fire, and exceptional insulation capacities that use 65 percent less energy. With a manufacturing facility in Port-au-Prince, it operates and sells locally derived construction materials that are easy to transport and lightweight. In Haiti, its construction system has been used to build over 42 structures comprised mostly of schools, hospitals, and medical clinics.

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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