Unreasonable Fellows

Ryan Bethencourt

CEO at Wild Earth

Ryan Bethencourt is an American scientist, entrepreneur, and biohacker, best known for his work as co-founder and CEO of Wild Earth, Partner at Babel Ventures and Co-founder and former Program Director at IndieBio, a biology accelerator and early stage seed fund. Bethencourt was Head of Life Sciences at the XPRIZE foundation, a Co-founder and CEO of Berkeley Biolabs, a biotech accelerator, and Halpin Neurosciences, an ALS therapeutics-focused biotech company. Bethencourt co-founded Counter Culture Labs, a citizen science nonprofit, and Sudo Room, a hacker space based in downtown Oakland, California.
Ryan is working to accelerate innovations in biotechnology and medicine through collaborative R&D, biohacking and open innovation. He has had extensive experience with clinical development from IND through to FDA approval, biotech fundraising and biotech business development.