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Using microbes to convert elements of air into a sustainable protein product

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Lisa Dyson, PhD

CEO at Kiverdi at Air Protein and CEO at Kiverdi

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Headquarters Pleasanton, California, United States
By 2050 we are expected to reach 10 billion people, resulting in a 70% increase in the demand for food production. Current food production accounts for over 20% of greenhouse gases, more than all of transportation combined, and uses over 37% of the planet’s land mass – the amount of land equivalent to the size of both Africa and South America! We developed Air Protein as a way to make meat without requiring the taxing inputs and added arable land necessary to feed more people.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised $32M from Google Ventures, ADM and Barclays
  • Made the world's first air-based meat
  • Commercializing the most sustainable protein production process using carbon negative fermentation

Currently Operating in One Region

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