Imagining the next generation of delicious, sustainable, everyday foods made from micro-algae

In 2050, there will be more than 9 billion people on Earth. Not only will this mean an increased demand for food, but the world will face the major challenges of diminishing resources and environmental degradation. ALGAMA is committed to harnessing the unique potential of micro-algae to make food that is sustainable and nutritious. The company conducts research into basic micro-algae strains, identifies molecules of interest from the strains, produces tasty foods from these molecules, and then markets and distributes the food. ALGAMA’s food products combine innovation and pleasure to meet the need for alternative food and create a future where micro-algae is a unique and sustainable superfood. The company launched its first product — four flavors of vegan mayo with 50 percent less fat than anywhere worldwide — that hit the shelves six months ago. Now it is in 150 stores in New York and 300 stores worldwide. Horizon Ventures’ investment has allowed them to go international and provide the runway for producing new products concurrently, with over 100 new products in various stages of prototyping and production.


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Évry, Île-de-France, France


Alvyn Severien

Alvyn Severien (Co-Founder & CEO at ALGAMA) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2018 after participating in Unreasonable Goals 2018.

Unreasonable Goals 2018

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