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Empowering organizations to rapidly upskill and reskill their workforce through short-form, AI-driven, Hollywood-style content.

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Clare Stewart Munn

CEO | Founder at Box Media

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Danville, California, United States
Box Media is a global media company that illuminates new skills, refocuses existing skills, and prepares workers for processes and organizational structure through short-form, Hollywood-style, snackable content.Box Media is reimagining learning and content in order to facilitate the rapid need for skilling and reskilling presented by automation-driven shifts in the workplace. The company creates its content using a neuroscience-based cognitive behavioral change methodology combined with their communication intelligence model and using relational framing science to rapildy upskill workers. Box Media’s approach includes respecting different learning styles and improving communication by helping each subscriber learn how they communicate and how to take responsibility in areas where they might improve. By incorporating an AI-component in their learning platform, Box Media's content is designed to adapt to the specific needs of each individual user for higher engagement and retention. The company’s clients include, Accenture, serving more than 450,000 employees, and Pearson.

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