Solving global challenges is a moral imperative and an unprecedented financial opportunity.

The 406 ventures in the Unreasonable Fellowship provide investors in our community with a highly curated portfolio of private investment opportunities. Through a managed syndicate, a dedicated fund, and sharing deal flow aligned with your investment preferences, we connect capital to ventures operating at the nexus of impact, advanced technology, and profit.

Invest into ventures building a better future.

Accredited investors, family offices, foundations, and funds in our community are connected to exclusive investments sourced directly from the Unreasonable Fellowship. The Fellowship is represented by 406 best-in-class companies that have raised more than $15 bn in financing, are headquartered in 45 countries, have reduced more than 114 m metric tons equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions, and are positively impacting the lives of more than 1.6  billion people.
Our trusted relationships with the entrepreneurs in the Unreasonable Fellowship give the investors we work with intimate access to an unrivaled portfolio of opportunities.
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Added 38 in the last year

$15 bn

Total Financing Raised By Unreasonable Ventures

$15 bn

Total Revenue Generated By Unreasonable Ventures

1.6 bn

Lives Positively Impacted

Unreasonable Investors participate in rounds led by top-tier investors

* These funds have all led financing rounds into Unreasonable Ventures

Invest into select deals with us

This is community driven investing

Our syndicate, formerly “The Unreasonable Collective,” is designed for accredited investors looking to participate in curated opportunities across the Unreasonable Fellowship. With a lens for inclusivity, 81% of the deals we have structured have been into ventures led by diverse CEOs who identify as Women and/or Persons of Color.

Each year, we syndicate 5 to 12 opportunities for the funders in our community. There are no annual or upfront fees required to gain access to our syndicate. If you choose to invest, we charge a standard 2% management fee and 20% carried interest on a deal-by-deal basis. Read more about pricing or express interest in joining our community. To date, we have syndicated investments into the 19 ventures highlighted below.

AirEx Technologies

Bridging the analog and digital divide for smart ventilation control

View Profile »

Agnes Czako

Cofounder & CEO

Air Protein

Using microbes to convert elements of air into a sustainable protein product

View Profile »

Lisa Dyson, PhD

CEO at Air Protein

At One Ventures

View Profile »

Tom Chi



Retrofitting buildings with smart, all electric heating, cooling, and hot water systems for no money down

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Donnel Baird

Founder & CEO

Cabinet Health

Eliminating plastic waste in healthcare.

View Profile »

Achal Patel

Co-Founder & CEO


Developing a free, online educational role-playing game in 11 languages for millions of students and teachers in classrooms around the world.

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Shawn Young

Co-Founder & CEO

Dendra Systems

Using drones to plant 1 billion trees per year to tackle industrial-scale deforestation.

View Profile »

Susan Graham

CEO and co-founder

Dispatch Goods

Making reusable packaging accessible to restaurants, caterers, and meal delivery businesses.

View Profile »

Lindsey Hoell

Co-Founder and CEO


Creating bone tissue from a patient's mesenchymal stem cells in vitro for use in bone grafts.

View Profile »

Nina Tandon

CEO & Co-Founder


Recycling cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber for the creation of new clothing.

View Profile »

Stacy Flynn

Co-Founder and CEO


Agriculture made from cells in a facility, not plants on a field.

View Profile »

Luciano Bueno

Founder & CEO

Goodr Co.

Providing an end-to-end profitable solution for businesses to reduce food waste and combat hunger

View Profile »

Jasmine Crowe

Founder & CEO


Automating waste composition analysis using AI-powered computer vision software

View Profile »

Mikela Druckman

Co-founder and CEO

Plant Prefab

Building a better world, by design.

View Profile »

Steve Glenn

Founder, CEO, Chair of Board


Building the world’s first smart chemical database, using machine learning to provide a reuse solution for household hazardous waste.

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Jacqueline Claudia

Chief Executive Officer

The Jackfruit Company

Making jackfruit mainstream by providing consumers with this delicious, healthy, sustainably-sourced meat alternative that also improves farmer incomes.

View Profile »

Annie Ryu

CEO & Founder


Recreating the full composition, functionality and taste of milk using the latest cutting edge innovation in biotech

View Profile »

Fengru Lin

Founder & CEO

Max Rye

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist


Building the world's first 3D weaving technology for fashion.

View Profile »

Walden Lam

Co-founder & CEO

Wild Earth

Reinventing pet food with science to make complete, clean protein pet foods that are healthier for pets and better for the environment

View Profile »

Ryan Bethencourt


Changing the Demographics of Finance

While deal flow is our differentiator, our global community is our greatest asset. With the goal of making venture investing more inclusive, accredited investors in the Unreasonable community can allocate as little as $10,000 USD into any deal that we structure. To date, more than 146 individuals have participated in our syndicate, and 49% of those individuals identify as Women and/or Persons of Color. Below are just a few of the individual investors in our community who you may have the opportunity to invest with via our syndicate.

A unique rules-based global fund strategy

Targeting material societal, ecological & financial returns

For institutional investors, family offices, and donor-advised funds not interested in a discretionary deal-by-deal investment approach, we are gearing up to raise a new investment fund.

Utilizing a rules-based strategy that centers on the 386 ventures in the Unreasonable Fellowship, the Fund will invest alongside qualified lead investors into attractive, rapidly expanding private companies positioned to address global challenges and generate outsized returns.

We anticipate beginning an active fundraise in Q3 of 2024. Let us know if you are interested and our team will reach out when we begin fundraising.

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The Fellowship has 419 CEOs, headquartered in 45 countries.

38% of the CEOs in the Unreasonable Fellowship are women.

Unreasonable Ventures have raised more than $15 bn in financing.

Unreasonable provides to Fellows, on average, 33 warm intros to the 2,400 investors in our network.

On average, Fellows have generated more than $38 m in revenue.

On average, Fellows have each raised more than $37 m in funding.

Personalized Deal Flow

Receive a monthly email with investment opportunities across the Unreasonable Fellowship that are aligned with your funder preferences. Today, Unreasonable has direct relationships with more than 1,088 sources of capital ranging from venture funds to banks, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, unilateral agencies, and family offices.

By becoming an “Unreasonable Capital Partner,” we will send you opportunities as they arise across our global portfolio that uniquely match your investment interests. We charge nothing for this service. Our goal is simply to accelerate the flow of capital into ventures dedicated to building a more regenerative and equitable future.

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Join the Unreasonable Investment Community

Through a managed syndicate, a dedicated fund, and sharing deal flow aligned with your investment preferences, we connect capital to ventures operating at the nexus of impact, advanced technology, and profit.
  • Unreasonable's investment offerings is a special kind of wonderful “Triple Play” - offering investors in-depth insights into extraordinary and innovative business opportunities, timely and insightful continuing education, and the chance to truly engage with our fellow Unreasonable investors.
    Betty Hudson

    Betty Hudson

    President, Hudson & Associates; Former Chief Communications Officer at National Geographic

  • The one takeaway from the Unreasonable Investor experience is 'the people.' You're going to meet the greatest people in the world, you're going to meet entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and you're going to meet other investors who share your passion about helping others. It's just an incredible group of people. I've become lifelong friends with quite a number of them, and I look forward to being a part of the Unreasonable investor community for years to come.
    Chris Yeh

    Chris Yeh

    Founder & CEO | Business Operations Leader| EOS Integrator | Information Security | Purpose Driven Investing

  • When we read about Unreasonable's Syndicate, it immediately resonated. Allowing us to become active participants through investing directly in the early-stage businesses that could impact the future, rather than in anodyne ESG funds, was exactly what we were looking for. But Unreasonable is so much more. The interaction through the discussions and workshops, and the opportunity to learn from and engage with others, both experts and neophytes like us, is unique. Above all, the team at Unreasonable has made the experience easy and very enjoyable.
    Robert Nadler

    Robert Nadler


  • Every single person I've met through Unreasonable's syndicate has been insanely impressive and inspiring. We've seen a handful of really impressive opportunities over the last few months...these are actual real business models, companies with real traction, you actually get to meet the management team, get intimate, understand the business models, and there's something that any great investor would want to put their money into.
    Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson

    Impact Investor at KKR focused on private equity and late-stage growth equity transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Unreasonable Investor?

If you are an accredited investor and you are keen to invest into a more regenerative and inclusive future, then we'd consider it a privilege to explore welcoming you into our investor community. We offer investors three avenues for engagement: a managed syndicate, a dedicated fund, and providing you with targeted deal flow that is aligned with your specific investment preferences.

To become an Unreasonable Investor, you must meet the standards of an accredited investor as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the accreditation requirements stipulated in your region. Prior to joining our community as an investor or institutional investment firm, you will be required to complete certain representations and warranties relating to your accredited investor status. If you are interested, you can express your interest in joining our community.

Can I invest in an Unreasonable syndicate if I am not a U.S. Resident?

Yes. We will request specific information regarding tax status when a particular investment opportunity arises to ensure the syndicate is created most effectively. However, there may be circumstances when you would need to use or establish your own specific vehicle for tax purposes to ensure your tax status is protected. Whether you are a U.S. resident or not, we recommend that you seek advice from your legal, tax and/or accounting advisors prior to investing in any syndicate. That being said, our community is global, our portfolio is global, and our syndicate is open to accredited investors globally.

What are the costs associated with investing with the Unreasonable syndicate?

If you choose to invest with our syndicate, we charge a standard 2% management fee and 20% carried interest on a deal-by-deal basis. That said, unlike most investment funds who charge a management fee over a 10 year period, our 2% management fee is limited to a 5 year investment period (we charge 0% after 5 years). Furthermore, the 20% carried interest only triggers after our investors have received the entirety of their original investment back.

Instead of charging ongoing fund-expenses, we do charge a one-time structuring fee that is exclusively used to cover the costs of hosting our special purpose vehicles ("SPVs") on This fee is charged when you place your investment to cover the administration, legal, tax filing and structuring costs for all opportunities we present via our Syndicate. This one-time fee will vary based on the investment dollars that we raise in an SPV and will typically range between 1-2.5% of your committed investment amount.

What is the minimum amount I can invest into an Unreasonable syndicate?

With the goal of making venture investing more inclusive, accredited investors in the Unreasonable community can allocate as little as $10,000 USD into any given special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) that we structure. To date, more than 146 individuals have participated in our syndicate, and 49% of those individuals identify as Women, or People of Color.

What are the costs associated with investing into an Unreasonable dedicated fund?

We are not actively raising a dedicated fund. That said, we plan to begin the fundraising effort in the second half of 2024. For all Unreasonable dedicated funds, we will charge a standard 2% management fee and 20% carried interest. It’s important to note that our funds will always benefit from the broader venture sourcing effort and ongoing portfolio support that rests at the heart of the Unreasonable Fellowship. Today, Unreasonable Group has an operating budget of about $10mm a year and a fulltime team of 26 employees who are distributed globally across 8 countries. To support the 406 Unreasonable ventures in the Fellowship, we have also built a network of more than 1,140 Mentors & Advisors. This community, alongside our global team, will actively mentor, advise, and support the portfolio investments of our Fund at no additional cost to our Limited Partners. If you are interested in being amongst the first to know about our next dedicated fund offering, you can express interest here.

What are the costs associated with personalized deal flow? Is it really free?

There are no costs. As an "Unreasonable Capital Partner" you can tell us the parameters of your ideal investments, and we will send you a monthly email with all active fundraisings across the Unreasonable Fellowship that are aligned with your preferences. This feature is designed primarily for venture firms, private equity funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional funders. We don't charge any fees because our goal is simple: accelerate the flow of capital into ventures positioned to take us into a brighter future. When you become an Unreasonable Capital Partner, you can also specify if you'd like to receive an email once a month with the active fundraises across our portfolio or if you'd like to be notified immediately when a new funding round opens up that is aligned with your preferences.

Do you really believe investing into impactful companies is not concessionary?

We can all acknowledge that an investor can chase robust financial returns without having a positive impact on the world (i.e. largely why we are facing the global challenges we face today). We also acknowledge that an investor can pursue meaningful positive impact without financial returns (i.e. the noble work of the non-profit sector). That said, our belief at Unreasonable is that if you want to maximize either financial returns or an impactful legacy, the key is to find investment opportunities that operate at the intersection of both. We believe you can maximize your long-term financial returns by investing into companies that are solving entrenched societal and environmental challenges led by CEOs who have the aspiration to achieve global scale. The 406 ventures in the Unreasonable Fellowship provide case studies demonstrating to any savvy investor this new reality.

Beyond investing, what does it mean to be a part of the Unreasonable community?

By becoming an Unreasonable Investor, we will be welcoming you into our broader community. In addition to gaining unique access to co-invest in innovative rapidly growing companies, you'll have the opportunity to participate in various networking and learning activities, including fireside chats with our most acclaimed Mentors, the chance to connect over curated meals and conversations (virtually and in person) with our broader community, and invitations to private funder gatherings across three continents. These engagements, meticulously curated and facilitated by our team at Unreasonable, are designed to foster meaningful relationships and facilitate knowledge-sharing across the investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs in our global community.

What is Unreasonable's sector, technology, and geographic focus?

We believe the best investment opportunities are found when breakthrough technologies (i.e. robotics, 3D fabrication, machine learning, nano-technology, artificial intelligence) are leveraged to profitably solve systemic societal and environmental problems. After working with hundreds of early and growth-stage ventures around the world, it has also become self-evident that great entrepreneurs are not limited by geographic borders.

To ensure our members see the best deals worldwide and to offer a level of diversification not easily found anywhere else, each year, we will syndicate investment opportunities across geographies, sectors, and technology stacks. All companies that Unreasonable supports will, in addition to financial metrics, track their progress by measuring one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations (including among them but not limited to: clean energy access, sustainable agriculture, universal education, universal healthcare, and global financial inclusion). Read more about our thematic portfolio of solutions.

What is Unreasonable's primary business model?

Unlike accelerators or incubators, consultants, or investment banks, we do not charge entrepreneurs in the Unreasonable Fellowship. We support them for life via the Fellowship and cover all their costs associated with our support. This allows us to handpick and privately invite the most compelling ventures we can identify globally into the Unreasonable portfolio. We then channel those opportunities to values-aligned investors in our community. Furthermore, it's important to note that investment is not our primary business model. This is why we are willing to pass trusted investors curated deal flow at no cost to you or to the entrepreneurs and CEOs we support. When we manage investment products, we look to cover our costs with an industry-standard 2% management fee and align our interests with our Limited Partners with a standard 20% carried interest. Although this is a compelling aspect of our business model, our primary economic model is to partner with multinationals and governments who have a vested interest in solving societal and environmental challenges via market-based solutions and technological and science-based innovations. You can learn more about how we work with some of the world's most trusted and respected brands and institutions via our partnerships page.

What exactly is the Unreasonable Group?

We believe that our world cannot wait. As an organization, we create trusted partnerships and move capital to ensure a just future. Now.

We are a Colorado-based, international certified B-corporation that supports a Fellowship for growth-stage entrepreneurs, channels exclusive deal-flow to investors, and partners with institutions to discover profit in solving global problems. The 406 ventures in the Unreasonable Fellowship operate across more than 180 countries, have collectively generated $15 bn in revenue, raised $15 bn in financing, are positively impacting the lives of more than 1.6 bn people, and have reduced more than 114 m metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere. Read more about our work more broadly.

Do you offer in-person engagements for Unreasonable Investors?

We host a handful of private funder gatherings each year, as well as the occasional popup dinner in key cities around the globe. At least one funder gathering will take place in the New York area, another in the vicinity of London, and another in or around Singapore each year. If you are an Unreasonable Investor, we will send you curated invitations to these private gatherings, and we won't charge any costs associated with your attendance. Why no cost? Our goal is simply to accelerate the flow of resources and capital into ventures that are positioned to take us into a more brighter future.

What if I have more questions?

You can reach out to us via our contact form, and the appropriate teammate will get back to you within a few days.