Educating over 100,000 children in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and India for just $6 a month, on average.

Bridge is leveraging data and technology to bring world-class education to families living on less than $2 per person, per day. Globally, there are 263 million children and young people not in school, most of whom are girls -- and this number is only increasing. In many parts of the developing world, families do not have a choice when it comes to educating their children. The schools available to them suffer from uneven quality, corruption, chronic underfunding, and rampant teacher absenteeism -- or they are prohibitively expensive private schools. Bridge disrupts the status quo by developing world-class lessons based on national curricula and in-depth teacher training and support programs, while utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology. Bridge students have fluency and comprehension scores 37 percent higher and math scores 24 percent higher than their peers in neighboring government schools. Over four consecutive years starting in 2015, Bridge students significantly outperformed the national average, including students attending elite private schools as well as those in government schools, in the KCPE exam.


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Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya


Jay Kimmelman

Jay Kimmelman (Employee at Bridge International Academies) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2014 and most recently participated in Girl Effect Accelerator.

Girl Effect Accelerator

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