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Cambrian Innovation

Providing distributed installations to extract resources like clean water and energy from wastewater.

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Matthew Silver

Founder and CEO at Cambrian Innovation

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

Water and energy, the planet's most crucial resources, are inextricably linked. Cambrian Innovation develops and implements innovative solutions that change the way industrial businesses use these resources. They are a globally-recognized, industrial biotechnology company committed to helping the industrial sector close resource loops by extracting clean water and energy from wastewater streams. Cambrian's award-winning EcoVolt® Product Suite is a modular, pre-fabricated, and scalable wastewater treatment plant that helps customers simply and robustly reduce wastewater managing costs while recovering up to 400 kilowatts of power and 400,000 GPD of recycled quality water. Cambrian offers EcoVolt as a product or as a service via its water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA). Leveraging concepts developed in the solar Power Purchase Agreement, a WEPA converts EcoVolt plants into distributed utilities, enabling customers to pay by the gallon with no up-front costs, little operating risk, and instant savings.

Currently Operating in Three Countries

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