Deploying reliable, renewable electricity supply for remote businesses and communities across Asia Pacific

Canopy Power designs, builds, and finances optimized renewable energy microgrid solutions for businesses and communities who are dependent on diesel power generation and weak grids. These remote and island-based customers in SE Asia and Pacific often do not have access to the main electrical grid or are entirely dependent on intermittent energy supplies. From tourism to mining and fishery industries, Canopy Power provides turnkey solutions along with system design, sourcing, construction, and project financing to make electricity generation cleaner and cheaper for their customers.

Canopy Power offers four services to assist remote businesses in their transition to renewable energy. The first is a micro-grid-as-a-product, typically a solar hybrid system, reducing diesel consumption and CO2 emissions. Second are their engineering services and consults for expedited, cost-effective design and execution of a customer's own microgrid. Third is remote monitoring and management of microgrids using a physical hardware known for optimal performance and data analytics. Lastly, they provide project financing for interested investors and recipients, to make microgrids a mainstream and sustainable investment option.

Canopy Power seeks to empower remote customers in their energy transition and free them from the price and environmental volatility of the fossil fuel industry. Their mission to provide people with access to more reliable and cleaner electricity, improves lives and boosts business profitability, while minimizing environmental harm.




Sujay Malve

Sujay Malve (CEO at Canopy Power) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2020 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2020.

Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2020

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