Providing an off-grid, affordable, solar-powered water purification solution to customers at the base of the pyramid.

Reliable access to clean drinking water underpins our ability to solve all the other challenges we face. But by 2030, the UN estimates that half of the global population will suffer water shortages.
Whilst existing purification technologies have proved sufficient in the past, they are not equipped to meet the demands of the future. A dependency on fossil fuels, life-long high operating costs and limited versatility, are rendering many obsolete.
In contrast, Desolenator is a future-proofing technology for businesses and communities. Using 100% solar power, Desolenator can purify any water source - including seawater, brackish and heavy-metal contaminated - into potable water.
In remote locations with complex contamination, Desolenator creates the highest quality water at scale, without the pricetag.
The opportunity for scale is immense. With pilot customers including the Dubai Energy & Water Authority (DEWA), AB InBev, and, and support of renowned investors and advisors from the desalination world, Desolenator is creating a new global standard for sustainable purification at scale.


Water and Sanitation Health



Alexei Levene

Alexei Levene (Co Founder at Desolenator) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since September 2016 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact UK 2016.

Unreasonable Impact UK 2016

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