Helping small-scale farmers keep up with globalization through farm mechanization and technology services.

EM3 AgriServices brings expensive farming technology to farmers on a pay-for-use basis in order to help small-scale farmers keep up with globalization and advances in agriculture tech. It does so through its farming-as-a-service platform, Samadhan, which deploys an app, physical call centers, and human representatives that interact with its largely offline consumer base. Each center, managed through IT-enabled systems and manned by agri-professionals, is equipped to handle a comprehensive suite of basic and precision farm operations throughout the entire crop production cycle: land preparation, sowing/transplanting, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest farm management. Like any businessman, farmer need standardized quality, transparent billing, and timely service, all provided on the platform. Farmers can easily reach EM3 to book their services, can monitor the work being done on their fields, and can manage all transactions through Samadhan. A recent $10 million Series B funding round expanded EM3’s work to more provinces in India, and the company has also partnered with local governments and leading Indian and global equipment manufacturers.


New Delhi, Delhi, India


Adwitiya Mal

Adwitiya Mal (CEO at EM3 AgriServices) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since September 2019 after participating in Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2019.

Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2019

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