Using agritechnology to make bio-based and degradable plastic alternatives, with its products in over 10 countries and counting.

Greenhope is a social enterprise on a mission to help the world convert to more sustainable consumption and production through agritechnology. Ecoplas, the company's patented cassava and tapioca-based degradable bioplastic, is sourced from farmer cooperatives across Indonesia who receive a Fair for Life certified trade price for their work. Ecoplas has been used to make shopping bags, landfill covers, garbage bags, packaging, and more. The company has also developed a 100% organic product, Komposku, which helps rejuvenate contaminated soil and restores its natural fertility to ensure better and sustainable yields and income for farmers. Greenhope collaborates with various parties across governments, the private sector, and NGOs in 10 countries around the world to deliver systemic changes for a better and more sustainable world.


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Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


Tommy Tjiptadjaja

Tommy Tjiptadjaja (Co-Founder & CEO at Greenhope) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2018 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Goals 2018.

Unreasonable Goals 2018

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