Improving students' literacy skills and understanding of local and world events through a digital reading platform.

Guten exists to democratize reading mastery among students, providing tools and learning pathways so they become critical and proactive readers. Guten is a digital reading platform that brings international and local news to students in language adapted to their reading levels, contextualizing concepts learned at school. Together with each news article, students find games that foster reading skills and verify if they understood what they read. Additionally, teachers have access to online reports, dashboards, and lesson plans that show how their students are evolving and which skills need improvement. Guten brings actionable data to teachers on a daily basis so they can personalize reading instruction. Their current focus is on Portuguese language speakers in fourth to ninth grade in Brazil. To date, 35,000 students across the country have used the reading platform, and Guten aims to reach 1.5 million students in the coming three years.


Education Economic Inequality



Danielle Brants

Danielle Brants (Founder at Guten) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since July 2016 after participating in Project Literacy Lab 2016.

Project Literacy Lab 2016

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