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Improving worker skills and productivity in the informal sector through its vocational training programs, reskilling over 700,000 people in India.

Photo of Gayathri Vasudevan

Gayathri Vasudevan

Executive Chairperson at LabourNet

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Rajesh AR

Co-founder & CEO at LabourNet

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Employees 501+
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
According to the International Labor Organization, about 80 percent of India's workforce operates in the informal economy. This means around 400 million people's livelihoods depend on informal work, with no social protections. LabourNet is improving worker skills and productivity in the informal sector. So far, they have enabled over 750,000 people in India, with a goal to impact 10 million lives by 2022. Through their livelihood platform, LabourNet brings together the worlds of education, employment, and entrepreneurship to create intersections capable of mitigating poor wages and reduced productivity. With their various coaching programs, LabourNet helps workers of any age find apprenticeships, internships, and temporary or permanent employment. They provide informal workers with the requisite skills, support, and strategies to start and run their own micro-enterprises, including access to financing, market and backward linkages, benefits of social entitlements, and compliance services. Today, LabourNet has 143 livelihood centers and 912 work sites. They operate in 598 schools and have worked with 3,600 global partners across 28 industry sectors.

Notable Achievements

  • Has a presence in 12,000+ pin codes in India and 800+ schools with skill courses across 28 sectors.
  • Currently incubating more than 13,000 micro-enterprises

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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