Unreasonable Fellows

Rajesh AR

Co-founder & CEO at LabourNet

Rajesh is an Unreasonable Fellow. Rajesh was part of Unreasonable FUTURE 2021.
Rajesh’s sights have been set on growing real incomes for workers, improving productivity, and linking it closely to business outcomes. His methods of building ecosystems of interlinked businesses, identifying and grooming the right talent, and infusing the right mix of technology are proven to create exponential scalability. The businesses he has built have pioneered innovation in the fields of skilling, education, employment, and community-based entrepreneurship. 
The use of AI-proctored remote assessments made it possible to measure skill proficiency at scale. Skill certification helped workers gain a fixed, formal identity as they moved between jobs – sort of like a skills passport. And, all of these innovations helped in the development of (India’s largest B2B2C gig platform/India’s largest livelihood platform), a platform to build, assess, and certify skills, and also aggregate, match and fulfil workers to jobs or entrepreneurial opportunities at a pin-code level in every part of the country.