Helping more than 12,000 students across Brazil learn how to read and write more effectively.

Letrus believes that literacy is the foundation of any healthy and just society. Unfortunately, the ability to read and write is a fundamental human right not accessible to most people in developing countries or to social minorities in developed ones. In Brazil alone, only eight percent of working adults are proficiently literate. That's why working to achieve universal literacy is Letrus's core mission. Letrus aims to help solve the literacy gap through the application of AI and education technology, enabling literacy development to happen at school through in-class instruction and support delivered by teachers. The Letrus Writing Program is an AI-powered educational program designed to engage students and leverage their literacy development. To date, Letrus has partnered with 40 public schools and 60 private schools across Brazil, serving over 12,000 students.



Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil


Luis Junqueira

Luis Junqueira (Co-Founder & CEO at Letrus) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2017 and most recently participated in Project Literacy Lab 2017.

Project Literacy Lab 2017

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