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The first intelligent alternative communication software for people living with disabilities, helping 20,000 people more easily interact with others.

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Carlos Pereira

Founder and CEO at Livox

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Orlando, Florida, United States
Over 1 billion people are living with disabilities on the planet -- people who face the risk of social exclusion on a daily basis in part because of their difficulty communicating easily and quickly. Livox is working to change this by developing products, services, and trainings that facilitate simple, efficient communication for those living with disabilities. Founded by a mother and father who wanted to better communicate with their physically handicapped daughter, the Livox team is comprised of technologists, speech and occupational therapists, who have developed the first-ever intelligent alternative communication software for tablets. Livox has received the Schwab Foundation's Social Entrepreneur 2017 award, has received a $500,000 investment from Google, and is currently helping 20,000 people with disabilities more easily communicate in schools, hospitals, and homes across the globe.

Currently Operating in Seven Regions

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