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Unlocking the potential of the fungal kingdom as a sustainable and healthy food source

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Mazen Rizk

Founder & CEO at Mushlabs

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Mushlabs is a technology-driven company that produces food from edible mushroom mycelia. Their fermentation platform allows them to unlock the potential of an overlooked kingdom of life - fungi - as a sustainable foodsource. Mushlabs is dedicated to building solutions that change the way we consume food, by producing food that is good to our senses, our bodies and our planet. In a natural ecosystem, nutrients are recycled. The waste products are up-cycled by the decomposers in the soil. Fungi’s extensive mycelial network in the soil act as a giant digestive system in forests, making fungi one of the most efficient decomposers on our planet. Through the power of biotechnology, Mushlabs brings efficient power to industrial levels, disrupting the food industry and bringing about meaningful and lasting change to our food system through their fermentation platform. Mushlabs' mission is to change the way people eat by producing tastier, healthier and more sustainable foods.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over $10 million in Series A round
  • International team of 20 people from 12 different nations
  • Established partnerships in upstream and downstream fermentation processes

Currently Operating in One Region

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