Enabling climate resilient hydropower while maintaining the health of watershed ecosystems and the communities who surround them

Natel Energy is solving the problems inhibiting traditional hydropower: capital intensive to develop, negative environmental and community impacts, and inflexible in the face of climate uncertainty. They have launched three systems – hydroEngines, Restoration Hydro, and Upstream – that enable cost-effective production of low impact, distributed reliable renewable energy while maintaining the health of watershed ecosystems and the communities who surround them. hydroEngines are designed for high flows at low heads, generating electricity at or less than US $0.05 for project sites as small as 1 MW. Restoration Hydro is an innovative development framework that incorporates the concept of biomimicry in the form of low-head, strategically-sited structures proven to restore watershed and ecological function. Upstream is a software platform providing services to monitor and measure natural resources for efficient project implementation. Upstream allows for more efficient siting, screening, development, monitoring and operation of sustainable, distributed hydropower, as well as accurate, up-to-date analysis of water resources for water managers, investors, and conservation entities.


Clean Energy Climate Action Infrastructure Life on Land

Alameda, California, United States


Gia Schneider

Gia Schneider (CEO at Natel Energy) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2018 after participating in Unreasonable Impact Americas 2018.

Unreasonable Impact Americas 2018

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