Transforming the soft-goods material industry from petroleum addiction and linear life-cycles to plant-based, inherent circularity

Natural Fiber Welding is unlocking the power of plants and catalyze the new era of uncompromising materials and textiles. Nothing is more abundant on planet Earth than plant matter, which is unrivaled in its ability to meet the needs of the world's population. By leveraging the diversity and abundance of plants, NFW provides the world with a sustainable and circular material supply chain by making composites from renewable nutrients. From recycled cotton in performance fabrics to leather-like materials that contain no petrochemicals nor any plastics, NFW is transforming the soft-goods industry with their closed loop technologies. NFW is scaling automated fabrication platforms that are speeding humanity’s transition from petroleum-dependency and linear life-cycles to plant-based inherent circularity, creating a more sustainable future.


Peoria, Illinois, United States


Luke Haverhals

Luke Haverhals (Founder & CEO at Natural Fiber Welding) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2020 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020.

Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020
World Economic Forum

The Circulars Accelerator

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