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Davidi Vortman

CEO & Co-founder at On-Sight Med and Co-Founder at Lumos Global

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Rehovot, Center District, Israel

OnSight Medical is a medtech innovator offering a novel AI-powered software that guides any medical professional to perform a high-quality cardiac ultrasound. Most commonly, ultrasound is performed by a trained cardiac sonographer or cardiologist, usually available in large medical centers and requiring referral, travel and waiting time. By empowering any medical professional at the point of care to take high quality ultrasound scans, OnSight not only solves a significant bottleneck in patients' journey to quality care, but also accelerates clinical decision making. The company’s technology received the won TCT Connect 2020 as the most innovative solution in Cardiology

Currently Operating in Six Countries

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