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Combining energy, construction and intelligent technologies to create the eco cities of the future.

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Joseph Daniels

Founder & CEO at Project Etopia

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Project Etopia are at the forefront of inventing all-in-one solutions for a more sustainable, efficient, affordable and resilient approach to house building. Inspired by our passion for the planet, our progress long-term relies on coming up with innovative ways we can work with it rather than against it. We do not believe in empty statements about sustainability — everything that we work towards is synonymous with our mission to create a better tomorrow. As a critical breakthrough, the Etopia system pioneered Eco-MMC. We wanted to think beyond construction methods to actually optimise how energy, construction and intelligent technologies (Ecitech) can be integrated to ensure the end product is not only modern today, but for years to come.

Notable Achievements

  • Partners and collaborators include Samsung, Dyson, UK Business Council, One Carbon World, Homes England, and BREEAM with a sustainability award from Lloyds Bank.
  • Currently supporting projects in two schools, pilot housing units across the UK, and a development site in Corby with 47 units, producing 2500+ net-zero homes annually.
  • Raised over $60 million in financing with support from the Reuben Brothers, and acquired self-build specialist Tribes Homes to further their mission of solving the housing crisis, sustainably.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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