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Combatting water waste by reinventing the toilet

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David Hollander

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Propelair is saving the planet, one flush at a time. We are the UK designer and manufacturer of (what we believe is) the world's lowest water-flush toilet - new technology, reinventing a sanitation system unchanged in over 200 years. Engineered specifically for commercial, public and heavy footfall premises, the Propelair system connects conveniently to existing plumbing systems. It is also ideal for off-grid premises where waste removal is costly.

Replacing up to 7.5 litres(l) of water with 120l of air to propel the waste into existing drains with just 1.5l of water per flush, means easy installation, even retrofit. Saving money and water in out-of-home washrooms, Propelair’s unique ‘close-to-flush’ design provides far greater hygiene too. The closed lid seals to channel the air, reducing airborne germs, including Covid-19, by 95%. 

Notable Achievements

  • 4k current installations in 200 customers already saves nearly 1bn litres of water p.a.! Over 80k Installations in current pipeline.
  • Won the prestigious EC "Horizon 2020" grant for €1.27m to develop the prototype that forms the basis for the next generation of our product.
  • Led by ex-Dyson UK MD, a strong management team in place since start of 2019, has over 100 years of leadership experience between them.

Currently Operating in Ten Regions

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