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Achieving verifiable impact by empowering brands and consumers with open source transparency

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Jessi Baker

CEO at Provenance

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Provenance empowers brands to make the sourcing and impact behind their products transparent. They exist to enable citizens to access and trust in business sustainability efforts beyond today’s marketing hype. With their software, businesses can easily gather and present information and stories about products and their supply chains, including verified facts to support them. By connecting this information to products - in store and online, shoppers can discover the origin, journey, and impact of the products they buy.

Notable Achievements

  • Enabling verified sourcing and impact transparency for over 100 brands with 3,000+ Proof Points live in the market
  • We are a catalyst for impact investment by brands in over 20 high risk supply chains
  • Won the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 'Blockchain for Social Good' €1m prize in 2020

Currently Operating in 17 Regions

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