Leveraging IoT-enabled wearables and sensing technologies to predict and prevent injuries in the industrial workplace.

StrongArm Technologies provides materials-handling companies with intelligent technology that increases worker safety, satisfaction, and productivity. Utilizing complex smart sensors and machine learning, StrongArm can effectively develop, manufacture, and deploy the next generation of industrial safety equipment. The company provides a SaaS monitoring dashboard, analysis, and recommendations to see injury risk and intervene before incidents occur on site. Its solutions include: FUSE Risk Management Platform, a cloud-based IoT-enabled software informed by an array of motion-interpreting sensors that allows organizations to monitor, assess, and intervene by deploying equipment; IoT Sensor, a risk monitoring device that uses machine learning to capture and analyze the risk of musculoskeletal injuries; and Algorithm, a machine-learning algorithm that instantly processes and uploads data collected by FUSE devices into the cloud. By delivering actionable insights in realtime, StrongArm enables plant and safety managers to mitigate risk for every employee, during every shift, in every single facility.


Health Employment Infrastructure

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Sean Petterson

Sean Petterson (CEO & Founder at StrongArm Tech) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since March 2019 and most recently participated in Unreasonable FUTURE 2019.

Unreasonable FUTURE 2019

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