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Employees 6–20
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
Loowatt has developed a unique waterless toilet and waste-to-value processing system that allows service providers to readily adopt off-grid sanitation infrastructure and link it to value-generating systems. In a world where only 30% of people have access to sewers, Loowatt’s system meets the urgent needs of densely populated areas – from crowded events to rapidly growing cities. Loowatt has proven their technology and product-market fit through building services in the UK and internationally, and worked with utilities in the UK and internationally to optimise nutrient recovery and energy generation from waste. The company is scaling up through B2B hardware sales. At the centre of the Loowatt system is a great toilet experience – a human necessity that they believe is fundamental to meeting the global sanitation needs of today.  

Notable Achievements

  • >5,000 daily beneficiaries in Antananarivo, Madagascar; funding secured in 2023 from USAID to scale up
  • Partnered with South Africa's largest portable service provider in Q4-22
  • >3M served in the UK with £40M leader in UK portables as our first servicing customer

Currently Operating in Four Regions

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