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Fighting deforestation by making North America’s only 100 percent tree-free, carbon-neutral paper products.

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Mike Nilan

CEO at TreeZero

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States
The manufacture, distribution, and consumption of paper-based products require substantial agricultural inputs, use a wide array of natural resources, generate significant amounts of waste across the supply chain, and can adversely impact biodiversity. Consequently, consumer goods companies, universities, and governments are now sourcing clean-tech options for their paper supply. TreeZero is the only 100% tree-free, carbon neutral paper brand in North America. The company’s paper products are made using sustainable, sugarcane based natural resources. One pallet (40 boxes) of TreeZero paper saves 24 trees, while one pallet of 30 percent recycled paper saves just 7 trees. In addition, TreeZero paper delivers excellent print quality when compared to regular recycled paper. As a mission driven company, TreeZero strives to help customers minimize the environmental impacts of selling and using paper and actively invests in programs to fight deforestation. The company avoids the use of millions of trees for paper and off-sets the generation of tons of CO2 annually.

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