We’ve created this dedicated hub to share some of the most useful resources that our team has encountered for navigating work, life, and business during this crisis. We’re also using this space to highlight Unreasonable community members who are taking action on COVID-19 in hopes of finding new ways to collaborate together. This is a dynamic page and will be updated frequently. 
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Facebook is offering $100m in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries.

Business For All will award $250,000 in grants to small business owners as a critical step towards tackling entrepreneurs’ single greatest barrier to growth: access to capital.

Differential Ventures has announced a grant program to support early-stage start-ups in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning who are able to use their technology to aid in the global search for a resolution to COVID-19.

Here is a comprehensive list of notable new grant awards specifically for the COVID-19 outbreak, compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Duke University built a website that allows you to search for grants, loans, and other cash equivalents that can help entrepreneurs and businesses anywhere in the world. 

Unreasonable has partnered with Action Against Corona to support startups and projects that can improve the lives of the billions of people soon to be affected by COVID-19. If you are working towards a solution for the betterment of society, apply today to receive access to grants, investments, and partnerships. 

Simple StartUp is offering their Cash Management in a Time of Crisis online course for FREE to small businesses. 

Hello Alice is offering $10,000 grants being distributed immediately to small business owners impacted by coronavirus, as part of their broader mission to ensure Business for All. In addition to funding, grant recipients will receive ongoing support from the Hello Alice community. 

Please find information regarding US federal, state, and local government assistance programs that your business may be eligible for here. Brought to you by our friends at Industrious.

Not sure where to begin? We recommend referring to this U.S. Chamber of Commerce article: How Small Businesses will Benefit from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

If you’re a UK-based business, find guidance from the Chancellor here.

Small Business Survival Guide to Combat COVID-19, compiled by Finimpact.


The Entrepreneur’s COVID-19 Playbook: Kyle Westaway has compiled a free, 40-page guide to stimulus money, tax breaks and legal tips to survive and thrive during the pandemic.

Beauhurst has built a resource hub to provide clarity for U.K.-based SMEs who are looking for more information on the provisions and support available to them.

In this article, Wharton shares 10 guidelines for creating opportunities in a time of crisis.

To help you navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, EY has shared insights on structured crisis management, enterprise resilience and planning for recovery.

First Round published a Founder’s Field Guide featuring advice from recession-era leaders, investors, and CEOs.

Looking for legal advice? Husch Blackwell has developed this resource center to monitor and update the rapidly-emerging COVID-19 rules, orders and guidance state-by-state in the US.

Matrix Partners India shares learnings from their Managing Director in China in an article chock-full of industry insights and practical activities for business in the face of COVID-19.

Medium has built a COVID-19 blog updated with real-time news, advice and commentary from a variety of sources.

Unreasonable Mentor and serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman shares insights on how entrepreneurs can successfully respond to COVID-19.

Hello Alice has launched a business resource center updated daily with funding, resources, and support for small business owners.


We feel it’s crucial to nurture your mental wellness during this time of isolation and uncertainty, and we highly recommend checking out Sam Harris’s Waking Up meditation app. If you or someone you know can’t afford it, just email [email protected] and they will provide a free account.

Headspace is also stepping up with free meditations that anyone can access, as well as targeted series for healthcare professionals, educators, and remote teams.

Talkspace’s Coronavirus Resource Hub features tips from licensed therapists and experts on how to cope with the stress and adjust to the new realities presented by COVID-19. If you would find it helpful to speak with a therapist during this time, Talkspace is also offering discounted subscriptions.

Our Senior Manager of Community and resident CrossFit Coach, Ross Beese, is bringing on weekly workouts that have made us all a little more sore than we’d like to admit. As one teammate’s dad put it: “I’m gonna have some words with this Welsh bloke.” Check back weekly to join in the fun!

Remote Work

Mainstreethost has compiled a list of digital resources to support teams in their transition to remote work.

Working in isolation from the people you’re used to seeing every day can get lonely fast, so we’ve started using Donut to randomly pair teammates for a digital coffee date every week. 

Are you remote-first curious? We all are now. OLIO shares how they manage a team across the globe from their homes. 

Now that we’re taking all of our calls from home, we’re big fans of this app that cancels out background noise, so we can spend more time getting things done and less time telling teammates they forgot to take themselves off mute.

Unreasonable Fellows Taking Action

1mg has begun registration for COVID-19 testing on its platform to support the government by connecting suspected cases to the ICMR & Government approved labs.


IGL Coatings has focused production facilities on researching and producing natural sanitizers that meet WHO guidelines. They are now developing a surface coating that will continuously kill bacteria and viruses, reducing the need of constant disinfections. The IGL Coatings team has delivered their sanitizers to frontline personnel at 16 security checkpoints in Malaysia.


Thread has converted their backpack operations at Day Owl to begin producing medical face shields. They expect to be able to manufacture 1,000-2,000 shields daily.


ideaForge is shifting their drone use from agriculture to helping monitor the coronavirus safety lockdown in India. The response time of drones is helping reduce overworked authority resources.


re:3D is printing shields for healthcare workers on the frontlines by sharing their retrofitted designs and loaning out their large-scale 3D printers.


In a work from home, school from home era, Altaeros is developing super tower technology to better connect rural areas to the internet.


OLIO is helping to match your home-cooked meals with families in need who previously relied on free school meals to feed their children.


Classcraft is helping students and educators all over the world navigate the shift to remote learning in the wake of school closures.


Copper 3D has developed and open-sourced a design for reusable 3D-printed face masks as part of their #HackThePandemic initiative.


Cell-Ed created this free mobile text-to-audio COVID-19 guide to bridge the information gap for hard-to-reach populations, no data or internet required to download.


BeeLine Reader helps make reading on-screen easier, especially for those with dyslexia or visual impairments. Their plug-in app is now available for free to any teacher or student affected by school shutdowns.


Simplilearn is offering free certified courses to learners across the globe through their Android app.


BreezoMeter‘s air quality map is keeping an eye on air quality trends and which cities are in lockdown to slow the spread of the virus.


Bridge International is making their learning materials available online so that parents and caregivers can help their children continue to study until schools re-open.


Globechain is currently calling on companies who can supply PPE to donate these items for free by listing them on their online marketplace.