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Repurposing capitalism to innovate toward a sustainable future

A strategic collaboration between Unreasonable and Accenture

Unreasonable CHANGE is an initiative focused on creating an ecosystem of support to scale ventures that are solving pressing global environmental and social challenges.

The scope of sustainability touches everything, from challenges affecting the environment, to issues of equality, to the responsible application of technologies that drive our economy. Just as the digital revolution transformed how we live and work, so too will sustainability, permeating everything we do while driving new value and growth along the way.

Unreasonable CHANGE is founded by two organizations who believe the level of systemic change we need is only possible through collaboration. Together, Accenture and Unreasonable Group believe that supporting growth-stage companies at the nexus of advanced technologies and lasting impact is not only a moral imperative, but also an unprecedented business opportunity.

“There are two possible roads ahead: a deeply flawed business as usual approach, or a global economy that protects people, the planet and the natural systems that sustain us. Business as usual is no longer an option.”

– Sanda Ojiambo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact

The Unreasonable CHANGE initiative is about rising to the occasion.

There is a significant opportunity for business to play a leading role in the technological and cultural revolutions needed to rebuild the economy in a way that benefits people and the planet.

45%The rate at which emissions must fall by 2030.

65%The percentage of consumers say they want to buy purpose-driven brands, yet only ~26% actually do.

5.5xSupply-chain emissions outweigh a corporation's direct emissions.

Rewiring the global system for a more sustainable future by focusing on key challenges

How do we achieve net-zero carbon emission? How do we evolve sustainable value chains? How do we disrupt the consumer brand experience to encourage behavior change?

Pathways to sustainability all start with the consumer. We need consumers to want to buy sustainable products and services. We must convert intentions into behaviors through innovation that re-imagines the consumer brand and experience. To deliver on these new consumer propositions, we will explore how to build trusted, net zero and circular supply chains, driving sustainability from all angles. 

Unreasonable CHANGE is about building a global movement for businesses—leveraging profit and advanced technologies—to address the immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities of this century.
Consumer Brand, Growth + Experience

Consumer Brand, Growth + Experience

Helping organizations to maximize value from changing consumer interest in sustainability through developing new products, services and marketing materials.

Example offerings include business of sustainable experience, eco-delivery, meal planning to reduce food waste, and smart containers.

Sustainable Value Chains

Sustainable Value Chains

Helping organizations to design and deliver trusted, net zero and circular end-to-end value chains.

Example offerings include sustainable sourcing, end-to-end visibility, and sustainable logistics.

Net-Zero Carbon Industry Transitions

Net-Zero Carbon Industry Transitions

Helping organizations to navigate the energy transition through innovation-led, business model transformation.

Example offerings include renewable energy generation, connected infrastructure, energy network of the future and climate (financial) risk analysis.

Learn more about the ventures that are driving sustainable change.

This initiative brings together entrepreneurs, institutions, and investors to champion the world's most impactful growth-stage ventures that are at the forefront of innovating for this more sustainable future.

We seek entrepreneurs who are already wielding the most effective solutions and focus on “scaling what works.” We handpick and invite these entrepreneurs and their impactful growth-stage companies into the Unreasonable Fellowship. We then give select investors, mentors, and partners the opportunity to help them scale the impact of these ventures.

With our global community of 1,010 mentors—from industry experts to renowned executives and policy makers—we will help guide and grow these growth-stage ventures to maximize their impact on the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Unreasonable CHANGE?


Unreasonable CHANGE is about building a global movement for businesses — leveraging profit and advanced technologies — to address the immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities of this century. When you join the Unreasonable Fellowship, we support you for life. Our programs mark the beginning of an ongoing relationship where we, alongside our partners, look to drive resources to and breakdown barriers to help scale your impact over time and ultimately, to millions of people worldwide. Our CEOs gain access to a curated community of more than 1,600 investors, 950 mentors, and some of the world's most powerful institutions. Our goal is to give entrepreneurs an unfair advantage. Our community of entrepreneurs is shaping trillion-dollar industries and uplifting the lives of more than 720 million people. You can be a part of this change and profitably solve pressing global problems.

Why look to entrepreneurs to solve these issues?

Entrepreneurs have always envisioned the world as it could be, not as it presently is. Through our research and experience, we have come to believe that entrepreneurs often operate on the edge of new solutions to societal and environmental problems that we formerly thought were unsolvable. The challenge is that while there are brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs (and many of their models are already working at scale in market), they need investment, mentorship, exposure, and strategic partnerships to achieve global scale.

Beyond basic criteria, what do you look for in the entrepreneurs?

Logical Path to Achieving the Impossible: We invite entrepreneurs who challenge our conceptions of what we thought was possible in terms of impact, scale, business models, and growth. Simultaneously, we look for a logical and convincing model to enter the market that matches this unguarded ambition.

Unrelenting Dedication: We invite ventures whose leadership team demonstrates a clear conviction that they will stop at nothing to ensure they put a positive dent on history. We want to be convinced that the problem they are solving is baked into their DNA.
Shared Goals: We will ensure that all the entrepreneurs we align with demonstrate a commitment to the vision of this partnership. We will ensure that they are eager to collaborate on what the future of inclusive work will look like.

Strong Beliefs Held Loosely: Although we are looking for entrepreneurs who are obsessed with creating a more just society, we also want to ensure that we only select entrepreneurs who are willing to admit when they are wrong and who have the humility to be coached and mentored. We select for a mix of confidence and humility.

What makes this different from other “accelerators”?


Most incubators and accelerators focus on working with idea, seed, and early-stage companies. We don’t think of ourselves as an incubator or an accelerator because we focus on working with growth-stage companies. We identify ventures that are already wielding the most effective solutions to specific global issues. In short, we focus on scaling what works. By working with significantly later stage ventures than an accelerator or incubator, we can identify more avenues for investment, licensing, and partnership between the Fortune 500 companies we work with and the ventures we support.

What are some examples of potential collaborations with Accenture?


After participating in our previous collaboration, Unreasonable FUTURE, Accenture invested in and formed a strategic alliance with SkyHive, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup that uses artificial intelligence technology and its proprietary quantum labor analysis methodology to facilitate labor market transformation, reskilling and learning. SkyHive became part of Project Spotlight in March 2021, working with Accenture technologists at The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center in Dublin, and at Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab New York. In addition to collaborative R&D activities, the Accenture Talent & Organization/Human Potential practice and SkyHive have supported dozens of client use cases related to pandemic response and are helping Global 2000 clients define and navigate rapid workforce changes.

When will I have exposure to Accenture’s clients?


Exposure to Accenture clients is an important feature of Unreasonable CHANGE. Accenture’s most valued clients are invited to join and shape the program from its very inception.  Throughout the collaboration there will be additional events and occasions where clients will be invited to participate alongside fellows as SMEs, mentors and potential investors. This gives fellows the unique opportunity to develop client relationships with some of the world’s leading organizations.

Is there investment attached to working with Accenture?


Along with Unreasonable, we are committed to supporting the growth of select ventures throughout the fellowship programme by providing access to a unique experience and exceptional mentors and clients.Investment in specific ventures is not guaranteed but may be a prospect for the right venture.    

What resources will Accenture provide? Mentors, advisory services, internal resources, etc.?


Accenture mentors will be a key feature of Unreasonable CHANGE. Accenture mentors will be a mix of senior level executives who are shaping the future direction of Accenture’s business and offerings, and who can open doors to their exclusive network of clients, thought leaders and SMEs.  Accenture will also invite specialist mentors from within the organization – these deep subject matter experts will provide access to Accenture’s unparalleled industry, functional expertise.

Fellows will have the exclusive opportunity to co-innovate with Accenture’s global network of innovation capabilities, including The Dock, Accenture’s global R&D Hub, with its diverse team of 250+ cross-industry problem solvers who bring design, business and technology together to help solve complex challenges and create new ways to fulfill human needs using emerging technology.

Overall, through participating in Unreasonable CHANGE, fellows will have access to the depth and breadth of Accenture’s capabilities, giving them unprecedented opportunities to adapt their solutions to the enterprise market and scale faster and more effectively.

What does Accenture get out of this?


It supports their purpose: Accenture believes that sustainability is the new digital, that it will transform how we live and work, drive incredible new value and growth, and permeate everything we do. That is why Accenture is making sustainability its greatest responsibility. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it will be the most powerful force for change in our generation.

To be credible advisors, and to stay a step ahead of its clients, Accenture needs to be in the market collaborating with companies such as yours. To unleash this change and to drive 360 degree value with all stakeholders, Accenture knows that business as usual is no longer enough.  Collaboration and innovation are essential to creating sustainable pathways forward. Unreasonable CHANGE is focused on creating collaborative advantage through an ecosystem of support to the world’s most impactful growth - stage entrepreneurs that are solving for sustainability challenges.

Accenture is a services company, and its clients need access to a collection of solutions like yours to solve their end to end challenges. Unreasonable CHANGE will also allow Accenture to strengthen its innovation-led client relationships and create momentum and leads for further work and solutions. Through convening world-class entrepreneurs, Accenture hopes to identify new ventures that can join Accenture’s Spotlight programme and through this deliver further value across Accenture and for clients.  This collaboration also offers an incredible opportunity for Accenture to develop its own capabilities, network and credibility in line with its sustainability value promise.

How will you measure success of this initiative?


​​We will consider this initiative a success based on the amount of positive impact the Unreasonable CHANGE ecosystem is able to have on the world. Though not the full exhaustive list, below we’ve included a few of the indicators we will track over time an effort to measure our impact:

Direct Impact: We will track the number of total greenhouse gas emission reduction (in metric tons CO2 equivalent) resulting from the products or services of the ventures and how many individuals have been educated on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning as a result of the products or services.

Accelerate high-growth ventures: We will produce an annual data report that highlights the business KPIs of all the entrepreneurs we support. This annual report will include data around aggregate revenue & financing, geographic markets, users, customers, and team size.

Increase the flow of investment dollars: We will monitor the amount of financing raised by the entrepreneurs that is attributable to the Unreasonable CHANGE initiative.

Unleash a movement: We have multi-year targets aimed at ensuring that businesses build on ramps into their future operations that feed into linking our three focus areas as they directly impact sustainable change. A core driver of scaling the impact of the companies we support, we will track the number of business relationships that happen between the Unreasonable CHANGE entrepreneurs and major institutions we connect them into (this includes our collaborator, Accenture, as well as other organizations we work with as part of the broader ecosystem).

Measurable social and environmental impact: Each venture we support will designate and track at least one leading indicator of social or environmental impact. We will track this impact indicator on an annual basis.

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Accenture exists to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. They believe that there are fewer things with greater promise than sustainability. Unreasonable CHANGE, a collaboration between Accenture and Unreasonable, is focused on creating an ecosystem of support to the world’s most impactful growth - stage entrepreneurs that are solving for sustainability challenges.

Accenture believes that sustainability is the new digital, that it will transform how we live and work, drive incredible new value and growth, and permeate everything we do. That is why Accenture is making sustainability its greatest responsibility. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it will be the most powerful force for change in our generation.

Accenture is committed to driving 360 value to all stakeholders, this includes identifying the solutions that are going to help their clients transition to a more sustainable future, faster. They embed sustainability by design into their core business - into everything they do and for everyone they work with. Accenture’s 674,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries means it is well positioned to support the future businesses that will help drive this change.

The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation team will convene this unconventional collaboration with Unreasonable, to bring the best of Accenture, its clients and ecosystem together to collaborate, innovate and uncover pathways forward, paved by business performance and social/environmental progress.

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